Feature Updates: December


With the venues feature, you have the ability to easily create virtual-venues as a representation of their physical counterparts. This feature supports the planning and organizing of where your programs are being hosted, and when they are taking place. The venue capability also serves as a great tool for the managing of rental spaces:


While adding or editing a program, you have the option of appending it to a venue that you have created:

And from the venue dashboard you have a bird’s-eye view of what programs are running at which venues, throughout the dates that you wish to see:

Feature Updates: November 2016

Multiple Pre-Arrival Emails

You now have the ability to create and automate multiple pre-arrival emails per-retreat. In the example below you can see two separate pre-arrival emails. One of these is set to be sent two weeks prior to the retreat starting, and the other is set to be sent one week before the program starts. This new feature helps save on admin time, and will also help your guests feel well supported and cared-for in the time leading up to their retreat.

Once a day, the system will go through all the Registrations and see if any guests need to be sent an email. Pre Arrival emails will only get sent out once per day, at a set time.


Nov 10 2016 Version 4.3

Improved Mobile Layout

This release includes cleaner displays, minor bug fixes, and a more elegant UI (user interface). Our intention is to have the mobile retreat.guru experience be as streamlined and simple as the webpage version; ensuring guests have a clear and enjoyable experience in finding and booking their retreats.


Feature Updates: October 2016

You can now add a button to mark a room as clean on the rooms list.

Discounted prices for Early Bird Pricing are now displayed with an attractive strike-through.

Improve UI and scrolling on the Registration list table. Now you can expand width of the columns and scroll horizontally to see all the information without having to click into each Registration individually


Add {{person_id}} and {{email}} to email template codes

Add post excerpt to the API


Oct 5th 2016 Version 4.0


Add the ability to create email templates. They can be entered in the reg. settings and they can be used on the registration edit screen and the bulk email.

Here is a help article on Email Templates


Add the ability to customize the text for dates on the registration form.

Refactor price add-ons and add them to the registration list filters.


Feature Updates: September 2016

Sep 22nd 2016 – Version 3.9


A package date program can now exclude days of the week that it can’t start on

See the Help Article

*See below how the dates for Sundays and Mondays are disabled


You can now customize the meal report in Reg Settings->General to specify whether arriving or departing guests are included for specific meals.



When you change the dates of stay (on the registration edit screen), both package and fixed date types will now create an updated transaction (before it was just hotel dates).


WordPress 4.6 upgrade involved changing the way the datepicker works. This means that all dates in the system will look like this Sept 15, 2016 instead of 10/15/2016.


Add more information to Stripe transactions. All centers using stripe will now be able to see program ID and Name and registration ID in the Stripe Admin console.

When viewing the details of a transaction in the Stripe admin console, in the Connections section, you can see the additional info in the Customer name.

Feature Updates: August 2016

Choose how meals are reported in your kitchen reports

You can now customize the kitchen reports to specify which meals are included for arriving and departing guests. In our example below, you can see that this centre includes breakfast on the day of departure for their guests and not lunch. You can also see that any guests arriving that day are automatically included in the dinner count. It’s easy to customize reports to your specific needs. The result is that now you can pull kitchen reports which give you an accurate count for each meal.

So what does a new kitchen report look like?

You now see a quick summary of total guests expected for all meals when you run a standard kitchen report, including specified dietary needs. The example below shows what happens on a day when one program ends and another begins.

You can learn more when you view our help documentation here.

Set the start date(s) for your package programs

By managing what days a package program can begin, you can plan more effectively- and you may also increase your enrollment by providing less options. With this updated feature a package date program now excludes days of the week that a packaged retreat can start.

In the example below, Sunday through Wednesday are selected as days when a 3 day package program can NOT start. This means that anyone can arrive on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday and stay for 3 days.

Now when a client lands on your registration page, they can only select Friday through Saturday as start dates for their package program.

Feature Updates: July 2016

You can now select key information to appear on your booking calendar

You can now select specific information from questions you ask on your registration form to be displayed on your room booking chart.

In the visual below of one question from the questions database, you can see that medical conditions have been selected to display on the Room Bookings calendar.

When you go to the room bookings view, this is what you will see:

You can learn more when you view our help documentation here.

New room block feature

Our improved room block functionality means that you can now add room blocks that are connected with programs. When you add a new room block and link it to a program using lodging based pricing, your guests will only be given the choice to book rooms that are selected for that program.

Remember, when you create a room block, the dates must always match the dates of the program.

When you select the rooms you wish to reserve for that program, these rooms will be the only rooms that can be selected by guests when they register for that specific program.

This quick view room block page shows you which rooms have been booked for the room block connected to this program.

As you can see below, when you create this type of program restricted room block, it is not possible to book a triple room as this type of lodging has not been made available for this program.

You can always learn more when you view our help documentation here.

Feature Updates: June 2016

Apply early bird discounts to your program prices

You can now set dates for early bird discounts to begin and end. You can customize for each program a percentage or fixed amount for the early bird discount you are offering.

Note: this is a premium feature. To see if this is included in your plan, please view our package details. To add this feature to your plan, please contact us at support@retreat.guru.

To find out more, view the help documentation.

Change credit cards on file

You can now add and charge a new credit card to any registration.

To find out more, view the help documentation.

Feature Updates: May 2016

Set a minimum length of stay on programs with hotel style dates

If you’re using allowing guests to choose their own dates (hotel style), you can now set a minimum length of stay.

Add custom transaction categories

If you would like to expand on the standard system categories, you have the ability to create custom categories for items such as meals and spa services. You can also add custom categories for discounts, ex. work-study.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 4.24.21 PM

Custom transaction categories are often used for tracking purposes and for setting taxes. A separate tax rate can be assigned to each transaction category allowing you to set tax rates by program or by item charged.

View the help documentation.

Taxes and discounts now listed in Transactions

Tax amount and discount amount have been added to the column options displayed under ‘Transactions’. Check these off in the ‘Screen options’ to include this data in the table.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 4.24.21 PM

Minimum length of stay for hotel based pricing

When using hotel based pricing, there is a new option to set the minimum length of stay required.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 3.47.57 PM

Search people who have completed one program, but not another

Under ‘People’, you can see who has completed one program (Ex. Level 1 Teacher Training) but has not completed the Level 2.

Multi-person registration is now possible from Admin quick add reg

Centers can now quickly register groups of guests from the ‘quick add reg’ page.

Custom transaction categories

If you would like to expand on the standard system categories, you have the ability to create new categories under ‘Reg Settings’ in the ‘Transactions’ tab.


Custom transaction categories should used for tracking purposes and for setting taxes that only apply to certain transaction types. Custom categories can also be used when building the ‘tuition’ portion of packaged prices (within Package Builder).

View the help documentation.

Feature Updates: April 2016

Save columns when saving, editing and exporting reports

When viewing a custom report, click the link to 'Edit report' to make changes to the on-screen and export columns. 

While editing your reports, you can change which filters you are using, and set which columns are to be displayed for each report.

You can also control which columns get exported into your CSV files to remove unwanted columns from your report. Just enter the names of the column headers, separated by commas, and only those columns will get exported.

The next time you run the report the proper columns will show up! saved reports also now show in the filters and reports + area at top of screen.

Change rooms from the Room Booking page

You can now move a guest to a new room right on the Room Bookings page, instead of going to their registration.

Filter registrations based on custom fields that are empty

On registration custom text fields you can now enter EMPTY and it will show you registrations where that custom field is empty.

Email a link for participants to update their registration form

If participants have incomplete data on their registration form, you can email them a link to complete the missing fields (ex. flight information) using the {{guest_edit_link}} shortcode. This shortcode can be sent to an individual participant from the participant dashboard, or send the link to multiple participants through a bulk email.

View the help documentation.

Weekend pricing

In addition to seasonal pricing, you can now add a price adjustment for certain days of the week.  Enter a negative number (-25) to discount the rate on certain days (ex. Mon – Thurs) or enter a positive number (+25) to increase the rate on specific days (ex. Fri and Sat).

View the help documentation.

New template for Guest Payment Request Email

You can now edit the default guest payment request email using the template added to the Email templates under Reg Settings.

View the help documentation.

Edit a discount code for a transaction

When you are using discount codes, and someone submits a Registration, you can now edit the discount amount right in the Transaction.

View the help documentation.

Feature Updates: March 2016

Summarize diet notes on the registrations page

You can now view a summary of guests’ diet notes on the registration page when the ‘show summary’ option is checked.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 3.05.44 PM

Move transactions to another registration

You can now move a transaction to a different registration. This can be useful when some one makes a payment for a program but then they can’t attend and they want to transfer that payment to someone else. People can also pay for price add on’s on behalf of other people.

View the help documentation: https://retreatguru.helpjuice.com/15515-transactions/moving-a-transaction-to-a-different-registration

Bulk email participants with the link to view their statement and pay their balance

You can now send a financial statement to multiple guests, with a link to view their statement and pay their balance using the email shortcode {{guest_payment_link}}.

View the help documentation: https://retreatguru.helpjuice.com/admin/questions/bulk-emailing-a-statement-to-multiple-participants-that-includes-a-payment-form

Color code your programs on the Room Bookings page

You can now customize the color coding of your programs on the Room Bookings page. Color code your programs by things like: status, program type or location.

View the help documentation: https://retreatguru.helpjuice.com/admin/questions/how-to-create-a-new-program